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If you’ve been running a factory, maybe a restaurant, or any business, for instance, you would definitely know how utterly CRUCIAL it is to keep the equipment up and running. It can undoubtedly help you “Stay in the business” or would cause you to “Shut down your operations”. We know that any successful business-venture must have a sustained electrical supply. Ensuring a prolonged system and equipment with the minimum downtime is certainly not an easy task. It certainly is NOT if you’re not associated with US, the “Night Owl Electrical Control and Instrumentations”!! 

Night Owl Electrical Control and Instrumentations – The Peers in the Electrical Maintenance Industry:

If what you’re being troubled with is linked to the “Power Distribution and Electricity”, WE CAN FIX IT! Equipped with the highly technical team of the Electrical Maintenance Engineers by our side, the Night Owls know what you need; Your Electricity-Problems getting sorted out! Our certified experts are all about taking pride in what they do. If quality service is what you need, Night Owls are the ones to meet

Why are we the BEST in the Business?

Getting yourself associated with us comes with several persuasive remunerations that you CERTAINLY don’t want to miss out on! You’re getting yourself the services of your lifetime by adding our preeminent electrical maintenance service agreement to your organization’s facility! The good news for you is that Night Owl’s remarkable services can help you eradicate any un-planned system fiascos that you might come across due to the defective Electrical Distribution and Power Systems. The expert Electrical Maintenance Engineers at the “Night Owl Electrical Controls” excel in the proactive electrical maintenance services that you would undoubtedly find NOWHERE else! We are, for sure, aimed at keeping your business in the finest of the shapes possible!

State of the Art Services to Satisfy Your Needs:

​We, at the Night Owl Electrical Controlsare utterly familiar that there is absolutely NOTHING that can ruin your day more than an electrical system that had given up on you when you needed it THE MOST! These issues can undoubtedly ascend due to a varying number of reasons. Having invested 35180 Hours and successfully getting done with 2450+ projects till date, we know how to help you get over them; making it CERTAIN that you’re given the absolutely uninterrupted power! Hence, to satisfy your need for the “Power” to excel, described below is a list of the UNMATCHED services that our expert Electrical Maintenance Engineers excel putting up:

  1. Power Distribution:

Making sure that you abound with an unremitting Electrical Power Distribution, the experts at the Night Owl have been excelling in providing the designing and installation facility to the Commercial and Manufacturing sectors all through the United Kingdom. We aim to thoroughly overhaul the necessities of our esteemed clients. Our expert Electrical Maintenance Engineers at the Night Owl make sure that you are guided methodically on the issues related to the electrical supply and power distribution. 

We prioritize the needs of our customers, and we make sure that our client’s power requirements are duly met following the rules and regulations followed across the UK. So if you need to have your current power distribution designing replaced, get it newly installed or want to add-in to your existing power distribution system, you KNOW where to go to!

  • Fibre Optics and Ethernet Networks:

 It is indispensable for a successful business venture to be hooked to the world of the internet if success is what it longs for! We know it really well that the era of CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables are long gone. The present aeon is of the “Fibre-Optics”. As much as it is advantageous to get your business hooked to the Fibre-Optics, it is equally daunting to have someone who can effectively manage the Fibre-Optics Cabling. So, for you to ensure exceptionally high bandwidth speeds over vast distances, your business must get things right; the Night Owls way!

We master the art of designing and installing both Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fibre-Optics cabling. Our connoisseurs know precisely what you need to ensure stability, optimum network security and immense pliability over long distances. We guess it’s about time that you hit us up to get the IMMENSELY unparalleled services!

  • Proactive Maintenance:

The experts at Night Owl Electrical Controls are well aware of your constant Power Needs. While a comprehensive electrical maintenance service accompanies an effective Power Distribution System, it is undoubtedly one of those aspects that cannot be compromised! It matters not if you entail an enduring onsite support for your company or if a sudden electrical fault is what’s causing you trouble, the expert Electrical Maintenance Engineersat the Night Owlsknow how to get things done for you with perfection; ensuring a mitigated risk of downtime and optimum performance that keeps you on the go!