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Fiber Optic Engineer – How Fiber Technology Is Revolutionizing the World

These days, fiber optic technology is playing a massive role in keeping the entire world uninterruptedly connected. Every single household and business firm need internet and this particular tech is considered as the swiftest means to transport information from one point to another. The constantly increasing demand of fast internet has amplified the importance of fiber optic engineer. Have no worries if you are unaware of how fiber connectivity and the experts who install it are revolutionizing the world. The undermentioned points will surely broaden your knowledge base.


Is your business still making use of the copper wired broadband connection? You will be surprised to know even the fastest copper net is many times slower than the one that is based on fiber optic technology. With fiber connectivity you can enjoy speed that ranges anywhere from five MBPS to one hundred GBPS.

It is the era where nonstop access to fast internet is indispensable for commercial ventures. Slow internet connection is considered as a huge weakness. This supposition is also supported by a remarkable study that has been conducted by Sandisk. According to this research, slow connections are responsible to cost an organization’s employees around one week of his/her productivity every year.

Cloud Access

More than eighty two percent of businesses are employing cloud technology one way or another. From data storage tools to apps to manage customer relationships, the cloud has proved itself to be extremely essential for modern businesses. Are you wondering, what’s the role of fiber optic engineerin the cloud access? Well, in order to access cloud you are bound to upload and download data consistently. The bandwidth and speed competencies of the fiber based internet mean much faster accessibility to your applications and data that are stored in cloud.

You and your organization can take a great deal of benefits from significantly fewer delays whenever it comes to getting access to information that is hosted by the cloud. It does mean that your customer service and sales representatives do not have to face unwanted holdups while they are communicating with the returning customers or prospects. The function of fiber optic technology is becoming vital as businesses are progressively shifting their services and operations to cloud based platforms.


Continuous disruptions in your normal copper internet might have cost your business venture loads of precious time and money. It is not the case with fiber connectivity. The biggest reason behind it is that fiber has better insulation and coating as compared to their copper counterparts. Additionally, fiber optic connections are not prone to stormy weather conditions. So, your data will no longer stall that otherwise does when it is transmitted through copper cabling.

Another thing that makes fiber more dependable is that it is considerably resistant to the electrical and human interference until its wires are actually cut out. If you are planning on to shift your internet from copper wire to fiber technology, a qualified fiber optic engineer can thoroughly assist you in this matter. These professionals have years of experience and can devise, install and maintain even the most sophisticated networks without any trouble.


Because of the cable tapping and other comparatively simple techniques, information thieves and aspirant hackers can break through and get access to the copper internet cable of your business pretty easily. On the other hand, there is merely one method to penetrate the internet that is based on fiber optic cable. This way involves physically cutting the fibers. When somebody tries to do that the signal disappears automatically.

Fiber internet connectivity is certainly a powerful technique to fortify the protection of your company against the curse of e-crime. On-average, the cost of security and information breaches on the internet is around four million dollars. Companies that leak protected and personal information have to deal with stringent financial penalties as well as major defection of customers. Taking all the possible precautionary measures is better as compared to handling an apocalyptic turmoil.


Latency signifies the lags that take place when data is processed though internet. The best thing about fiber optic is that it eliminates multiple latency related complications which you might experience while using copper cable internet, especially when uploading or downloading video or any kind of HD content. A fiber optic engineercan assist in lowering the degree of latency that can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Improved quality of collaboration and communication between your employees
  • Better quality of voice for the users of VoIP
  • Uploading and downloading massive files without facing any disruption
  • Capability to move notably more applications to cloud in lesser amount of time

 To cut a long story short, you might initially feel that installing fiber optic technology by employing an experienced fiber optic engineeris a little expensive. However, that is not true. It is actually one of those investments that greatly pay you back in the long run.