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What Are Different Categories of Electrician Stoke

Electricity is undeniably one of the most valuable commodities in the world. Without electricity, it would be extremely hard, at times even impossible, to run houses and operate businesses in an effective manner. It is electrician Stoke that enables the utilization of all the comforts, services and products related to electricity. Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining systems that supply power to important equipment and machinery. The combined effect of these above mentioned things makes electricians and their work so crucial for the modern human beings.

Categories of Electricians Based On Their Fields

As discussed earlier, electricity is used literally everywhere. That is why electricians have divided their specializations in different categorizes so that they can do their relevant jobs in the best way possible. Following are some of the main fields in which electricians are divided. This information can help you in finding out the appropriate experts to perform your specific job.

Domestic Electricians

This particular terminology is applied to those technicians who fulfill the electrical necessities of households, such as installation, maintenance and repair of a wide range of electronic products including circuit breakers, power outlets, lighting, wirings and many more. Furthermore, they also make sure that the electric meter of your house is properly connected to the lines of local power grid.

Commercial Electricians

Services offered by commercial electrician Stoke are, but not restricted to. installing, maintaining and repairing power systems that are located in the commercial establishments like malls and office blocks. Such buildings demand a great deal of power to carry out their routine business.

At the same times, there might services that are quite identical between domestic and commercial electrical technicians. These services generally include installation of security systems, wiring, lighting etc. The only major difference between both of them is the extent at which these services are offered. However, it absolutely does not mean that domestic electricians can take up the job of their commercial counterparts. Offering services in the commercial environment is a completely different ball game. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire contractors with the relevant skills and experience.

From lighting to air conditioning and computers to power outlets and many other equipment that are necessary to run an office, tend to be updated on a regular basis to ensure maximum productivity. When your business is in need of any such service, you must contact commercial electrician Stoke contractors who will proficiently take care of all of your needs.

Industrial Electricians

For a wide range of industries that manufacture different kinds of products, electricians play an integral role in keeping their high power intensive machinery work continuously. In case a problem comes up, they swiftly apply all of their knowledge, skills and expertise to fix the issue so that work can be resumed as soon as possible.

Categories of Electricians Based On Their Experience

Similar to how electricians are categorized based on their fields; they are also divided into three distinct stages according to their experience. These stages are known as apprentice, journeyman and master. You can find these electricians in the domestic, commercial and industrial domains.

Apprentice – You can guess from its name that these electricians are going through their initial training and are on the road to grab their next certification to get the status of a journeyman. Apprentice electricians generally work under the close supervision of their seniors who are likely to have the rank of either master or journeymen.

Journeymen – After successfully gaining the required experience and mandatory certifications, apprentice electrical technicians move to the position of journeymen. Under this title they mostly work with the power supplies, installation and mechanical works both in commercial and residential properties. These professional electrician Stoke experts can be easily found in the manufacturing plants, utility companies and construction firms.

After clearing their electrical and apprenticeship examination, journeymen get the certification of a fully licensed electrician. It enables them to proceed further and perform tasks on different systems without any sort of supervision. At this stage, journeymen are also allowed to give training to the apprentices and wannabe electricians.

Masters – These are the highly qualified and skilled tradesmen. As a matter of fact, master electricians are the most experienced individuals of their whole arena. They usually assume the supervisory roles in major organizations or practice as licensed electricians through their self owned business establishments. A master electrician Stoke has already fulfilled the apprenticeship and journeymen requirements. Not only that master electrical technicians also earn a bachelor’s degree and secure a wide array of certifications.

In addition to possessing the minimum required qualification and experience, master electricians usually have a fair degree of management skills. The reason behind it is that now they mostly take supervisory positions where they are supposed to administer journeymen, apprentices and laborers either on the commercial or residential projects.