Electrical Contractors Stoke on Trent

Things to know before choosing electrical contractors

Fixing electrical equipment seems easy, but in reality, it is quite a hefty task. It requires familiarity with electrical systems, wires, and currents to optimally perform the job. A small error or a wrong connection can lead to severe injuries and sometimes even to fatalities. Therefore, we need to let the expert electrical contractors do the job for us. They have experienced and well-trained personnel, having adequate knowledge to get the job done.

When it comes to finding the best electrical contractor, you need to find a trustworthy company offering services that would meet your specific requirements. Here we have listed down a few aspects that will help you find the best electrical contractors.

Things that you must be certain of:

#1. Define what you need

#2. Verify the authenticity and reliability of a potential electrical contractor.

#3. Check the availability.

So, before hiring electrical contractors, you must go through the process mentioned earlier to help yourself in making the right decision.

#1. You must you know YOUR needs and requirements

You need to be sure about your needs. Whether you are looking to provide good maintenance to your residential or commercial electrical system or deciding a full renovation – both require excellent skills and expertise to fulfill the job. You must list down your specific requirements that are you are looking forward to. Some contractors might only deal with repairing, while others might not. Therefore, once you are clear with your requirements, hire a professional contractor that can help you with your needs correctly.

#2. Time management

Whether you are a homeowner or running a business, you will always prefer to have your electrical maintenance or renovation task to be completed in a specific period. With a clear completion timeline in mind, you will be able to narrow down your search for electrical contractors. NIGHT OWL ELECTRICAL CONTROLS, the best electrical contractors in Stokeon Trent, provide you with the finest services. Our experts are well trained and work efficiently and effectively to meet your deadlines. We work according to our clientele’s needs and the complete task of electrical repairs/maintenance/renovation on expected schedules.

#3. Look for the credibility

The electrical contractor you hire must be licensed by the state. They must have a legal permit to work as an electrical contractor. Before hiring an electrical contractor, you can certainly ask them to present their references from the previous clients. In this way, you will be to know how well they were able to fulfil their jobs. A good thing about a licensed company is that its workers have completed specific courses and have fulfilled specific criteria due to which they have been rewarded with the license. They are not just electrical workers – rather educated and experienced electrical contractors. You may put a stop to your search for electrical contractors and consult the experts at Night Owl Electrical Controls, the best electrical contractors in Stoke on Trent.

#4. Know the estimated rates

You need to know the estimates of the electrical contractors, before letting them start with the work. Some contractors prefer charging on an hourly basis, while some prefer quoting concrete proposals right from the beginning.  Therefore, you need to be particular about the pricing criteria of an electrical contractor. The method of charging on an hourly basis is usually practised when the projects are complicated, and it is hard to predict the completion time of the task. This method also accommodates the client’s need for making Radom changes during an electrical repair/renovation project. While some contractors prefer charging on an hourly basis, some prefer ‘Time and Material’ criterion to charge their clients for their services. Therefore, before hiring electrical contractors, you must be very clear about their charging policies. 


Always remember that establishing excellent communication with the electrical contractors will help you to get all your answers. You need to discuss and put forward your demands and needs in front of the contractors. A right and reliable contractor will work according to your requirements. Rated among the finest electrical contractors in Stoke on Trent, look no further than Night Owl. We provide the best electrical services to your residential or commercial systems.