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Fundamentals of Electric Wirings

Much of what you need to understand about electric wiring involves understanding the wiring diagram, having complete knowledge about the colour coding, knowing about the size, and their structure, load demands, types of equipment, and set up. When considering different load requirements, it is essential to understand the categories of wires into which they are classifieds.

The selection is based on the purpose of the application; it could be for Commercial use or for Residential. One is entirely different from others in terms of load, voltage, and current requirements.

As now we are much clear about the complexities that are associated with wiring, we will look forward to understanding the necessary information that is related to it. If you’re fascinated to know them, then stick together, as here, we have narrowed down some of the most useful information that will undoubtedly help you to get a complete overview of the terms and criticalities associated with “Electrical wiring and its Terminologies.”

1-  wiring process – learn more:

A wiring process incorporates assembling different Electrical Units together. To make a suitable distribution of electrical energy, it necessary to have thorough knowledge and expertise. The method mainly comprises assembling a wiring channel from the Main Supply Unit to various components, such as your television, your personal computer, home appliances, etc. 

2-  LabeLling – a must to understand:

You may often have encountered some Text on the cables, reading some specific information.  These are the labelling, which illustrates some useful information about the cable. It is used to inform the user about the size, the type of insulation used to cover the wire, and some other ratings, helping in understanding the wire type. Application of wirings, be it for commercial or residential, depends upon the material and the type of Insulations that is coated. It differs in different circumstances. To install all the wirings correctly, surely great expertise and knowledge are required.  NIGHT OWL is renowned Electrical Contractors in Stoke-on-Trent. Our expert provides excellent services in electrical designs and maintenance, providing a complete solution to your electrical works.

3-  Wire Size – load dependency:

The criticality of having a thorough knowledge of how and why the size of the wire changes. Therefore, before the installation of the wirings, the foremost thing to know is the type and the size. When we discuss the size, we generally mean the diameter of a wire. The size directly links to the current carrying capacity of the wire. It is based on a unique wire gauge system. As per the usage and the load requirements, the diameter varies. It is, therefore, essential to know the size of a wire and to install it accordingly. A wrongly installed cable can lead to severe issues, which could be highly dangerous and unsafe. So make sure to get yourself the best technician and engineers around you to avoid such happenings. If you are looking for the best Electrical Contractors in Stoke-on-Trent, then put your search a stop as experts at NIGHT OWLS are specialised in the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring.


The colour of the insulation of a wire is also very significant, as it is directly related to the purpose of its application. Complete know-how of colour coding is essential to understand as it can help you to identify the use of the wire. For instance, a red colour wire signifies phase wiring, i.e., it carries electrical current from the panel to the device. In contrast, white colour is commonly used to indicate grounded cords!

  Industrial WIRINGS requirements

Based on the three-phase design, Industrial wirings mainly current-carrying cables. industries wirings are designed to transmit higher current and voltage loads. These have high resistivity towards short circuits even when prone to much higher amperes. Industrial wirings are robust and can withstand rigorous environments. A three-phase design helps to eliminate the possibilities of a short circuit by distributing the load over different supplies.

FAILURES associated with electrical wirings

After SERVICE LIFE – consider a replacement

Wires must be used under its life cycle period as prescribed by the manufactures.  To avoid breakdowns, cables must only be used for its designated period. After the life span, it may cause break-down and failures, leading to severe issues. To avoid such shortcomings, the experts at Night Owl, the best Electrical Contractors Stoke on Trent provides the most optimum services to your industrial electrical wiring problems.



Electrical overloading often occurs when a wire is loaded beyond its current carrying capacity. Plugging too many appliances to a single current source may end up in raising the temperature of the cable, causing electrical failures.