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Competent Fibre Optic Engineer at Your Helm

Implementation of the correct FTTx architecture ensures you will have enough bandwidth for your business and residential customers in the future, eradicating the need to rebuild your distribution network. Solutions range from Metro Ethernet networks, Active Ethernet, and Passive Optical Networks (PONs) to a hybrid network supporting 100 MBPS, 1 GBPS, or higher.

Night Owl is single-source integrator and engineer of end-to-end services for fibre optic networks. We’ve got a professional team, developing and building fibre optic solutions that cater to the demand of our client organisations. The multi-discipline, in-house capability of our fibre optic engineer combined with decades of experience offers an effective process for customers who place a premium on productivity and accuracy.

We evaluate your current plant and subsequently make recommendations on recent technology. We document client-specific designs as per our design standards for ensuring that cost and design decisions are followed from the initial plan through implementation stages.

Remember, in successfully planning and designing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) or Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) deployment, the success of integration depends on the quality of the engineering process. We start with a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, assessing the project scope to deduce comprehensive information mandatory for high-quality engineering results.

We’re dedicated to offering the highest calibre technology, the most innovative network solutions, and the most reliable service to our clients. We offer consulting services during the preliminary phases to get your project on the right track.

With unmatched experience in detail and design fibre optic engineering, our team at Night Owl is recognized as industry experts in offering engineering services, mitigating risks and delivering exceptional results.